Everybody is Invited to “Everybody”

Synopsis: God has sent his messenger, Death, to find you so that you can come account for your life and the way you lived it. Will you be able to find anyone to go with you on this mysterious journey? It will be hilarious watching you try, anyway. Congratulations to the cast of "Everybody"! Mr. … Continue reading Everybody is Invited to “Everybody”

An Academic Outlook: Jamie Baker

A Q & A with LA's new assistant head for academic life Jamie Feild Baker joins Lawrence Academy this school year as assistant head of school for academic life. Jamie previously served for four years as the chief academic officer and founding Director of the Grauer Institute at Pomfret School. In this role, Jamie managed … Continue reading An Academic Outlook: Jamie Baker

Elm Tree Press: Winterim at LA

by Matt Noel '19 LA offers each student an immense amount of opportunity. Personally, I have experienced this through Winterim. Winterim is a two-week program at the end of the winter term that focuses on learning outside of the classroom – that could mean learning how to play chess with a professional chess player, watching … Continue reading Elm Tree Press: Winterim at LA