Team-First Attitude Powers LA Girls’ Soccer to NEPSAC Playoffs

by John Bishop

Groton, Mass. — It didn’t take long for Kim Bohlin Healy — head coach of Lawrence Academy varsity girls’ soccer — to come up with the two factors that powered her club into Wednesday’s NEPSAC playoff game versus No. 4 seed St. Mark’s.

“[Those] factors led to our success and earning a spot in the post-season tournament,” emphasized Ms. Healy, whose Spartans take on the Lions at 2:00 PM, Nov. 13th.

“The first is the leadership we have seen throughout the entire season from our two captains, Anna Pedreschi ’20 and Faith Gargano ’21,” continued the coach. “I could not ask for two more competitive, yet ‘team-first’ players than Anna and Faith.

Head Coach Kim Bohlin Healy

“They have set a tone and a set of expectations that players and coaches want to live up to.

“This sense of leadership has trickled down through the entire team and we can see it manifesting in every player, regardless of their year or role,” she said.

That leadership is an important trait for a team, given the well-dispersed numbers of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders on the roster. It’s doubly important given the number of injuries on the club, as well.

Anna Pedreschi ’20

“The second, but equally important factor is the way our entire team has responded to challenges we faced throughout the season,” said Kim. “The fact that every player, freshmen through seniors, has been a leader in some way throughout this season is incredibly special.

“We have seen some exceptional teams this fall and faced tough losses. In addition, we have lost some really important players to injuries before and during the season,” added Ms. Healy. “These players have stood by us and we all feel their support in every practice and game. In turn other players have stepped up and filled roles in ways we never could have expected.

“As coaches, we are so proud and grateful for this group of players.”

Faith Gargano ’21

Head Coach Bohlin Healy and Assistant Coach Jaime Schulze aren’t the only adults proud of girls’ soccer’s accomplishments this fall.

“This team has played against some of the best soccer programs in New England and our team plays in the one of, if not the toughest leagues in New England,” explained Director of Athletic Operations Caroline Heatley. “They have competed in every game and challenged schools twice our size with confidence and purpose. 

“Even with significant injuries this season, this team has rallied and fought to find their way to the Class-B New England tournament,” added Ms. Heatley. “[Former Head Coach] Donna Bibbo Mastrangleo lead our first team in the history of the school to a New England championship in 1994, and this team with its gritty play and relentless drive has all the makings of repeating history!

“We are so proud of what this young and talented team has accomplished this season,” said Ms. Heatley.

It didn't take long for Kim Bohlin Healy -- head coach of Lawrence Academy varsity girls' soccer -- to come up with two factors, which powered her club into Wednesday's NEPSAC playoff game versus No. 4 seed St. Mark's.

“Arts Week” Features Seven Evenings of Performances, Concerts, and Openings

Lawrence Academy’s Visual Artists, Thespians, Musicians, Singers, and Dancers featured during the Fall Term Arts Showcase…

Thursday, November 7th 

6:30 PM Fall Theatre Production: Pride & Prejudice, RMPAC

Friday, November 8th

7:30 PM Fall Theatre Production: Pride & Prejudice, RMPAC

Saturday, November 9th

7:30 PM Fall Theatre Production: Pride & Prejudice, RMPAC

Tuesday, November 12th 

6:00 PM Visual Arts Opening, Williams Art Gallery

Thursday, November 14th 

6:30 PM Music Ensembles Concert, RMPAC
8:00 PM Dance Performance, Black Box

Friday, November 15th 

 6:00 PM Music Recital, Recital Hall
7:00 PM Dance Performance, Black Box

Spoon Hunt Creates A Fun Fall Atmosphere on Campus

By Jack Horsman ’18

This week the typically quaint and picturesque campus on an elm tree-shaded hillside has turned into a scene full of “chaos” and “paranoia” (hyperbole intended) all because of a game.

That game, of course, being spoon hunt…

A long-standing LA tradition, spoon hunt turns friends into enemies and classmates into competitors. For one week during the fall, students participate in this campus-wide game of tag that involves strategy and skill. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also “spirit week” on campus, meaning kids run around in a variety of outfits, adding another element of entertainment to the game.

Oh, and midterm assessments were last week – adding an element of “blowing off steam” to the festivities.

“I think spoon hunt is a great opportunity to bring the community together,” says Mady Dicks, a senior boarding student from North Andover, MA. “I enjoy playing, but also watching people get really into it and [enjoy] getting to meet a lot of new people.”

“It’s a good way to meet new people,” echoed Associate Head of School Rob Moore, who has been at LA since 1983. “You’ve got people saying ‘I have to tag so and so; I need to find that kid.”

A very cool aspect of this tradition is that it is, and always has been an entirely student-run event. “In terms of faculty [involvement], I bought the spoons, I bought the markers… it definitely is student-run,” Kimberly Poulin, Assistant Dean of Students, remarked.

With such a strategic game, you’re bound to see some trickery. This year is no exception. There are the typical moves such as using rear entrances and side doors, but there are also schemes that are much more planned out.

“I’ve got an advisee that today packed her own lunch so that she wouldn’t have to leave Ansin until 3:00,” Mr. Moore noted.

The best moment so far this year, at least according to Mrs. Poulin, is when she got to tag her own son, Hunter ’21.

“I tagged him on the quad. He walked right up to me and was like ‘mom, spoon hunt. I can’t find [my target], it’s driving me crazy.’ And I [put my hands on his shoulders] and go ‘I’m sorry, buddy, but you’re out.”

This moment won’t soon be forgotten, adding to the great legacy that spoon hunt has on the LA campus.

Giving Parents A Look into Our World

by Jack Horsman ’18

Senior Class President Kevin Weaver addresses families during Parents’ Weekend assembly.

This weekend at Lawrence Academy is Parents’ Weekend, a great chance for parents to get a glimpse into what a day at LA is like for their students.

This year’s festivities kicked off Friday morning at 8:00 AM with an assembly for both students and parents in the RMPAC. At this assembly, senior class president Kevin Weaver ’20 addressed the audience, and especially the parents.

“While you’re in [your child’s] classes, look for how the teacher interacts with the students and creates an environment for the students to interact with each other,” Kevin said. “I think that builds a community within our community.”

“It’s what makes Lawrence Academy a family,” Kevin continued. “I think it’s important that you [parents] realize that [your children] are being taken care of. The teachers here do care about their students.”

Kevin also joked about parents embarrassing their kids, but that since they’re all “responsible adults, it’s up to [them] if they want to lay off the gas or push even harder.”

Following the assembly, parents got to tag along with their students as they went to class, allowing an opportunity to see what they were learning and with whom they were interacting daily.

After the academic day, parents were invited to attend performances and games, as well as parent/teacher/advisor conferences on both Friday and Saturday.

Tips for a Successful Admissions Interview at LA

by Mia Gage ’20

Yay! You have made the informed (hopefully) decision to visit Lawrence Academy. We’re excited to meet you. For many prospective students, the application is straight-forward and not too stressful, but the interview can generate anxiety. In this post, I hope to relieve some of your stress.

A little background, I am a senior boarding student at Lawrence Academy and am in the process of interviewing at numerous colleges.

Mia Gage ’20

I have found that these interviews are incredibly similar to the interviews held at Lawrence. At LA, interviews are not interrogations, they are conversations. All of our admissions officers have one goal: To get to know you.

They are not scanning a transcript or resume throughout your discussion. No, they simply want to get to know you and find out why you believe Lawrence Academy is a good fit for you.

Be yourself

Perhaps the most predictable tip, but also, in my eyes, the most important. Your interviewer wants to see authenticity and get to know you for who you are. I remember in my interview, I spoke passionately about theatre and softball and the effect they have had on my life, but the majority of our conversation was about the importance of kindness. So simple, but clearly impactful. My message got across because it was true to me, and I was not trying to be what I thought the admissions staff “wanted” me to be. This is key. Lay yourself bare and just have a conversation about your values and what gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

Do your research

It is important to do your research on Lawrence Academy before coming to campus. When I say this, I do not mean you should prep for some sort of test; I simply mean that if you know a little about Lawrence Academy prior to your visit. That way, you will be equipped with informed and specific questions for your interviewer. Your visit to Lawrence Academy is not all about you proving yourself to us; it’s also about us proving ourselves to you. Your high school search should be about finding the school that feels like home for you. We hope you find this in Lawrence Academy, but we understand not every single student that tours will feel that resonance. This is why it is important to do your homework about any school to which you apply. I strongly recommend taking a campus tour, for it will help you get a sense of the community as well as answer all specific questions you have about academics, athletics, arts, and so on.

Be confident and acknowledge your accomplishments

During your interview, do not be afraid to “boast” a little bit. If you are exceptionally proud of something you have done, or anything about you, it is okay to want to acknowledge it and point it out in your interview. Your interview is your time to say what you may not say in your application; the conversation goes beyond a transcript. In your interview, you can show a different side of yourself. For example, you may speak about community service, clubs, extracurricular activities, values, etc. It is a nice opportunity to speak to what you are passionate about in a more detailed and fervent way.

Understand that there are no right answers

Lastly, be honest and true to yourself. Do not attempt to say — nor base your answer to a question — on what you think we want to hear. It is very clear when you are, and when you are not, speaking from the heart. We value every person’s voice at Lawrence Academy, and as our mission states, “Lawrence Academy recognizes you for who you are and inspires you to take responsibility for who you want to become.” We recognize every single prospective student for the individual they are, and we want to hear your story; who you are, and who you want to become. These things are unique to each and every one of you, and impossible to make up. Do not try to impress by giving the “right” answer, for it does not exist. Just give your answer. I promise it will be appreciated, and it will go a long way.