Chris Hazzard ’03 Goes “Under Cover”

Recently, we posted a piece about Hollywood-based screenwriter Chris Hazzard ’03:

Well, we have an update from Chris — great news from the pages of — one of the major Hollywood trade publications:

Chris, shared the news via social media, saying, “Our movie is getting made! Mike and I have been working on this project since late 2016 and now it’s finally happening!”

Mike, of course, is Chris’ longtime writing collaborator Michael Fontana:

Chris & Mike

And we contacted Chris to ask about the movie coming to fruition.

Chris, photographed in his office in Studio City, California.

“Mike and I have been working on ‘Under Cover’ for a long time and we’re so pumped that now it’s moving forward,” said the former SABA (Students Against Boring Assemblies) member. “And the team that’s been assembled is pretty incredible.

“We’ve been fans of Steve Pink’s work for a long time, so it’s been really exciting to get to work with him and we cannot wait to see Zachary Levi and Cole Sprouse bring these characters to life.

“It’s basically a dream come true on all fronts,” he said.

Just remember, Chris. We knew you when!

From the Lawrencian

Congratulations, Chris: It’s not everyday that a superhero — Zach Levi is most famous for being Shazam — posts to the ‘gram about a movie on which you collaborated!