Hug A Student Leader!

By John Bishop You can see the uptick in urgency; you can feel it, too. Here in September (!) -- with the first of autumn's leaves turning color -- there's just something spectacular about seeing students stepping up. Friendly faces all, here to give a hand to their fellow Spartans (as well as the faculty … Continue reading Hug A Student Leader!

Elm Tree Post: LA’s Advisory System

Three Reasons Why I Love Advisory by Steph Clark '20 The advisory system at Lawrence Academy is a unique program that allows students and faculty to connect. When entering LA as a new student, each student is placed into an advisory group. An advisory group consists of a teacher and five to eight students. Each … Continue reading Elm Tree Post: LA’s Advisory System

Elm Tree Press: Who You Are

by Veronica Saldanha  ’20 As stated by its mission statement: Lawrence Academy recognizes you for who you are and inspires you to take responsibility for who you want to become... Personally, over the last several years at Lawrence Academy, I have come to realize that being who you are is a big part of being … Continue reading Elm Tree Press: Who You Are

Elm Tree Press: Winterim at LA

by Matt Noel '19 LA offers each student an immense amount of opportunity. Personally, I have experienced this through Winterim. Winterim is a two-week program at the end of the winter term that focuses on learning outside of the classroom – that could mean learning how to play chess with a professional chess player, watching … Continue reading Elm Tree Press: Winterim at LA