An Honest, Flexible Approach: Mike Culley

Groton, MA — "I’m the Assistant Director of Studies, and I teach history," began Mike Culley during a recent interview with the LA Communications Office. "I’ve been here 13 years, I also coach basketball, work in the dorm, serve as an advisor, do Winterim… that’s pretty much it." That's pretty much it? Lol. A Full … Continue reading An Honest, Flexible Approach: Mike Culley

Excitement Personified: Kimberly Poulin

Groton, MA — Simply put: Lawrence Academy's Kimberly Poulin is a nexus of energy. LA's Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Community Engagement, Mrs. Poulin also works as a learning specialist with the academic support office."I am here at Lawrence Academy because this is where I should be," said Kimberly earlier this summer. "I … Continue reading Excitement Personified: Kimberly Poulin