2018 One Acts Casts & Crew Announced

Student-produced one-act shows hit the RMPAC stage May 10 – 12 (Updated: April 23)

2017 One Acts rehearsal.

From Mr. Sugerman:

Congratulations to all those students who were brave enough to come out and audition for the one acts! Congratulations to the eight directors who locked themselves in my classroom after auditions to generously and collaboratively negotiate, compromise, and struggle to cast the shows with all the actors who auditioned!

Here are the cast lists for each director’s show, many of which are original works…

Director: Aidan Travis
Cast: Donald Long, Claire Lanzendorf, Omar Abuhamdeh, Julia Schmidt, Jamie Comeau, Oliver Yang

Director: Jesse Trainor
Cast: Shriya Balaji, Leah Davis, Anya Brown, Veronica Saldanha, Emmy Glick

Director: Lucia Stein
Cast: Denby Fortune, Julia Stern, Nicole Winthrop, Matt Saghir, Cameron Taylor, Junior Saldanha, Paul Tola

Director: Ellen Sojka
Cast: Mike Templeton, Will Easterly, Mark Bedetti, Viraz Mahanti, Kerri Murphy, Martin Mann

Director: Isaac Mukala
Cast: Stephen LaSala, Jess Fatzinger, Anna Duffy, Catherine Lee, Zamir Primus, Jax Jahnle

Director: Matt Killian
Cast: Finn Harding, Harrison Bernhardt, Arhant Ghanta

Director: Grace Harlan
Cast: Corinne McCool, Mia Gage, David Turner, Ahmad Miller, Matt Noel, Bridget Walter

Director: Adam Dutton
Cast: TJ Duggan, Celine Kim, Sabrina Ladiwala, James Choi, Hal Groome, Cassie Comjean, Foley Rabbit

Denby Fortune ’19 performs during the 2017 One Acts.

Break a leg everyone!