One Acts Debut This Week

See them, May 10 – 12 at LA

From Mr. Sugerman…

The time is coming:

8 directors. 46 actors. (see below)
6 world premiere plays!
The first improvised one act at LA!
Fireworks, and free gifts for everyone.
…one of those is a lie.

Get your tickets outside the dining hall this week.
The seats fill up, so make sure you get yourself a ticket.
Thursday at 7:30 PM, Friday at 7:30 & Saturday at 8:00 PM

Who Burned the Chili?? written & directed by Aidan Travis
Cast: Donald Long, Claire Lanzendorf, Omar Abuhamdeh, Julia Schmidt, Jamie Comeau, Oliver Yang

Iceberg to Nowhere, directed by Matt Killian
Cast: Finn Harding, Harrison Bernhardt, Arhant Ghanta

Love Me Tinder, written & directed by Lucia Stein
Cast: Denby Fortune, Julia Stern, Nicole Winthrop, Matt Saghir, Cameron Taylor, Junior Saldanha, Paul Tola

I, Damien, written & directed by Isaac Mukala
Cast: Stephen LaSala, Jess Fatzinger, Anna Duffy, Catherine Lee, Zamir Primus, Claire Ianini

Diagenesis, written & directed by Jesse Trainor
Cast: Shriya Balaji, Leah Davis, Anya Brown, Veronica Saldanha, Emmy Glick

What They Bring to the Table, conceived & directed by Adam Dutton
Cast: TJ Duggan, Celine Kim, Sabrina Ladiwala, James Choi, Hal Groome, Cassie Comjean, Foley Rabbit

Thursday, written & directed by Grace Harlan
Cast: Corinne McCool, Mia Gage, David Turner, Ahmad Miller, Matt Noel, Bridget Walter

Two Sides of Bacon, written & directed by Ellen Sojka
Cast: Mike Templeton, Will Easterly, Mark Bedetti, Viraz Mahanti, Kerri Murphy, Martin Mann