Squash: “The most enjoyable sport on Earth…”

Mickey Feeney ’19

Senior Mickey Feeney and his fellow Spartans head into their final match of 2019

By Nicole Yeaton ’20

Just judging from his happy-go-lucky outward demeanor, you wouldn’t think that Mickey Feeney ’19 has such a serious side.

However, those who know him best, see him as a dedicated student, school president, and competitive squash player.

But why squash, in particular?

Feeney says squash is a demanding sport requires the perfect balance “of strength and finesse,” which draws in many prospective players.

In a recent interview, Feeney, a long-time player on the Lawrence Academy Varsity Squash Team, raved about the opportunity and experiences alongside his fellow Spartans.

“The culture of the LA squash team is what really drew me in,” he said. “The culture is one that is very fun, accepting, supportive, and at the same time competitive.”

This year, Lawrence Academy competed in the 2019 U.S. High School Team State Championships, where Mickey gushed about his experience.

In one word, he described the tournament as “electric.”

“The experience definitely boosted the enthusiasm and motivated the team to continue improving,” he said.

Overall, Mickey believes “squash is the single most enjoyable sport on Earth,” as he culminates his high school squash career tomorrow, Saturday, February 23, at Brooks School.

Good luck to Mickey and everyone on the squash squad at Brooks…