Thoughts From Winterim 2019: March 5

“Enthusiastic” Watercolors With Mrs. B

by Kevin Weaver ’20

Groton, MA — It’s about halfway into our second day of Winterim and the Winterim News Team headed to the Ansin Building to check in on “Watercolors” to see what they’re looking forward to and working on.

The Watercolor Winterim is led by LA math teacher Ms. Breton and Joanie, an experienced watercolor painter who has come to us from off campus.

We asked Ms. B what she was looking forward to over the next two weeks, she said, “I’m really excited for the kids to catch ­­­­Joanie’s enthusiasm!

“She just oozes paint from her very soul and I think these kids are gonna be very surprised with the kind of quality work they’re gonna be able to do in a pretty short time.”

Just being in the room for a few minutes, we could feel that enthusiasm. The two leaders — Ms. B and Joanie — always have a smile on their faces and a noticeable willingness to spread their passion for watercolor painting to the students.

Student Sydney Lester ’21, asked what she was looking forward to now that she’s on her second day of watercolor, told us, “I’m excited to go into Boston on Thursday, we are gonna go see two art museums; I’ve never been to an art museum.”

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On the Road: Winterim 2019 began in the airport for some programs.

From the Winterim News Team perspective, it’s nice to see other students who are not only experiencing something new, but are excited to so, too.

The Watercolor Winterim’s excitement level just goes to show how contagious the passion of its leaders — and all of the Winterim leaders around campus (and beyond) — can be for Lawrence Academy’s students during the annual program.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on the enthusiasm of Winterim… WNT