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Like all good journalists, LA’s Winterim News Team Seeks Great Grub

Tavern in the Square
Tavern in the Square. Littleton, Mass.

by Sabrina Ladiwala ’20

Littleton, Mass. — On day three of Winterim, after a busy morning of making videos, writing blogs, and posting on the LA social media platforms, the Winterim News Team was famished and excited to eat.

For a little bonding — and before heading to Legends Comic Store to pick out and review some of their comics — the Winterim News Team stopped for a bite to eat at the restaurant, “Tavern in the Square.”

Tavern in the Square is located at the Point Plaza in Littleton, Mass. and provides comfort food to its customers.

The space in Tavern on the Square is used very effectively, and the staff — thank you Molly — is kind and diligent.

As for the food…

Both Mr. Bishop and Inaya Jamil ’20 ordered “General Tso’s Chicken.” Sabrina Ladiwala ’20 decided to get “Fish and Chip’s” while Jess Fatzinger ’20 opted for the “Mac and Cheese.”

Meanwhile, “The Hoppy Chicken Sandwich” enticed Mr. Gotlib. And Kevin Weaver ’20 finally ate his much-anticipated Cornflake Fried Chicken with buffalo sauce.

As the Winterim News Team spoke about siblings, other restaurants, and Winterim in general, the group began forming their opinions on the food. Mr. Bishop and Inaya Jamil enjoyed General Tso’s Chicken.

Lots to choose from…
  • Mr. Bishop said, “It’s not often that I’m bested by a portion of anything, but the size of the entrée and the hot spices made for a challenging feed. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the tempura broccoli and spicy chicken over jasmine rice.”
  • Inaya also thought that “although the coconut jasmine rice was not flavorful combination with the sesame chicken, the chicken, and the broccoli were delicious together.”
  • Sabrina, who ate the Fish and Chips, said “the dish was tasty. However, the bread crumbs on the outside were slightly burnt… however, the fries were crispy and tasted nice with the tartar sauce.”
  • Mr. Gotlib, who ate the Hoppy Chicken Sandwich said, “I really enjoyed the Hoppy Chicken Sandwich – the combination of smoke from the grilled chicken and guac made for a tasty bite. I would definitely order this again.”
  • Lastly, Kevin added that “after about 3 days of craving buffalo chicken, my desire had been quenched by the Cornflake Fried Chicken. Ordered with buffalo on the side and on the chicken, my personal overload of buffalo sauce went well with the filling serving of tender and crispy chicken. 10/10 would recommend.”
  • Jess, who had been to Tavern in the Square before, said that “the Mac and Cheese had a good mix of super creamy cheese and a crunchy potato chip crust. The portion is big enough for three people, but it works as a great leftover. Mac and Cheese: destination yum town.”
Don’t forget the tots: “Destination yum town…”

In general, the LA Winterim News Team was pleased with the food. Add the terrific company and atmosphere, and the experience was very positive and fun!

We tried to take this picture three times…