Thoughts from Winterim 2019: March 9

A dispatch from The Dominican Service Project, posted here as a sample of the many different updates parents and friends are receiving from Winterim 2019…


Ira Testarmata ’20 and Callie Gekle ’19 are writing this. Today we woke up at 7:30 to Mr.Moore and Cabot singing their “morning song.” No one wants to hear it in the morning 😂🎎.

Breakfast was at ocho and today we had a tortilla española 🍳 we left on our guagua 🚌 “a las ocho y media.” Our group split up and some of us went to work on our project and the other half went to the river to clean the trash 🗑 from it.

At first we paddle boarded for cuarenta minutos ⏱then we went to pick up trash. After doing this hard trabajo, we went to jump off a lagoon “con las personas” in the pueblo. After we went back to the Mariposa Foundation and picked up the other half of the group.

From there we went to Cabarete Beach 🏖 and a lot of people got their hair braided. We went into the ocean 🌊 , got tons of sun, and we went to some shops near the beach where we had pizza and gelato.

Finally, we went on the Guagua back to Blue Moon to shower and get ready for our dance lessons. We learned the Bachata, merengue, salsa y reggaeton. (Callie had the best day of her life today 😱)

Thank you 🙃 (from Callie and Ira and Samuel+Khayla) for reading! 😍🇩🇴🏄🏽‍♀️