The Art of Mohammed Daoudi Now Featured in Lawrence Academy’s Conant Gallery

By Jack Horsman ’18

On Friday, September 13, an art exhibit featuring the work of local artist Mohammed Daoudi opened in the Conant Art Gallery at Lawrence Academy.

Daoudi’s work, which features a range of styles — including pencil drawings and scotch-tape collages — is meant to give viewers a look at “a different world than the one they see every day,” explains Daoudi, but also a world with “similarities of the world they live in.”

Lawrence Academy art teacher, and long-time Conant Art Gallery Curator, Laurie McGowan, met the artist when they were both exhibiting at Keene State College. 

Laurie loved the art and decided to have him come and present it at LA.

“I think it’s really great to expose the kids to art that’s happening locally and around the world.”

Laurie McGowan

His artwork brings “a little bit of diversity,” added Ms. McGowan. “Some of his work deals with some Muslim issues, some women [issues], and this idea of xenophobia, and immigration.”

McGowan finished by saying that she is “really hoping teachers bring their students down [to the Conant Art Gallery].”

Daoudi joked that he does art because “it’s cheaper than therapy.” And that he has so many different forms of artwork because he gets bored quickly, so he likes to be able to jump around and switch to something different. 

One style in particular that caught the eye of the LA students who attended the opening were scotch-tape collages. 

Daoudi makes these collages by placing a piece of scotch-tape on to a picture in the New York Times, peels it off, and then places the tape onto a piece of canvas. He repeats this over and over, until he fills up the canvas with the scotch-tape images, creating a much larger picture overall.

Daoudi explained that the New York Times is the only newspaper he’s found where just the ink will come up when you peel the tape off (and not the paper as well).

Be sure to check out the gallery next time you are on campus. The exhibit is on display through December 16 in the Conant Gallery (LA entrance on Rt. 40). Conant Gallery is open to the public, Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 12:00 – 4:00 PM.

For the full photo gallery from Mohammed Daoudi’s art opening click here.