Giving Parents A Look into Our World

by Jack Horsman ’18

Senior Class President Kevin Weaver addresses families during Parents’ Weekend assembly.

This weekend at Lawrence Academy is Parents’ Weekend, a great chance for parents to get a glimpse into what a day at LA is like for their students.

This year’s festivities kicked off Friday morning at 8:00 AM with an assembly for both students and parents in the RMPAC. At this assembly, senior class president Kevin Weaver ’20 addressed the audience, and especially the parents.

“While you’re in [your child’s] classes, look for how the teacher interacts with the students and creates an environment for the students to interact with each other,” Kevin said. “I think that builds a community within our community.”

“It’s what makes Lawrence Academy a family,” Kevin continued. “I think it’s important that you [parents] realize that [your children] are being taken care of. The teachers here do care about their students.”

Kevin also joked about parents embarrassing their kids, but that since they’re all “responsible adults, it’s up to [them] if they want to lay off the gas or push even harder.”

Following the assembly, parents got to tag along with their students as they went to class, allowing an opportunity to see what they were learning and with whom they were interacting daily.

After the academic day, parents were invited to attend performances and games, as well as parent/teacher/advisor conferences on both Friday and Saturday.