The Knots That Bind

by Jack Horsman ’18

Lawrence Academy’s Unity Project Capped The Fall Term

Like most schools, Lawrence Academy is a diverse collection of people. 

The student body, faculty, and staff represent a variety of interests, beliefs, hobbies, and backgrounds. Yet we are a community, which means that respecting and understanding our differences is vital.

In celebration of that diversity, and in order to bring everyone together, this week LA created a “Unity Circle” on the Elm Tree Lawn. 

The Unity Project

The Unity Project was first created in 2016 by Nancy Belmont, an artist whose work centers around building a cadre of leaders who are conscious to the differences among the people around them, but cognizant to the many threads that bind humans together.

The Unity Circle at LA is a physical manifestation of the overall project.

“How it works is you get yarn and start in the middle of the unity,” explained Anya Brown ’20, who lead this project, along with Dean of Equity & Community Affairs Raquel Majeski and Assistant Head for Student Life Libby Margraf. 

“You tie it there [to the center pole] and then you map what identifies with you.”

“It’s this amazing image of how we’re all unique.  Each string’s connections are going to be unique; it’s going to be who you are.  However, every pole is also a way to relate to your neighbor,” continued Anya.  “We’re all different… but we make this image of unity.”

A Great Opportunity

“This is a great opportunity to create a visual of the different things that make up who we are,” Ms. Majeski echoed.  “We want to just provide that space for people to demonstrate their uniqueness that make up our community.”

The Unity Project, organized by the on-campus club The Moral Courage Task Force, was completed at the end of the fall term as a culminating activity for Lawrence’s Academy’s Omnibus Program, where the theme this semester has been unity and togetherness.

Sparking Conversation

As the event began and got rolling, the results of the project looked promising.

“I think people are enjoying it,” noted Anya.  “I’m happy with what it’s coming to be, and I love that everyone is working together.

“Even if it just sparks a conversation — even if it’s just one — I want people to think about how even though we’re all different, there’s something that brings us together.”

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