You’ve Gone To Open House… Now What?

Lawrence Academy Admissions Elm Tree Society member and lead tour guide Michael Kroll ’21

  • Set Up A Campus Visit

The most important part of the LA admissions process is YOU! What better way for us to learn about you than a visit? During your time here, you and your family will be matched with a student tour guide who will show you around campus, answer your questions, and maybe even introduce you to a few new faces along the way.

  • Contact Coaches

Are you looking to take part in LA’s dynamic athletic program? If so, you should probably get in touch with those coaches. It’s a great way to get a feel for not only your prospective coaches and teams, but it’s also a great method to familiarize yourself more with the community. Whether its Varsity Hockey or Thirds Basketball, coaches love to hear from applicants!

Michael participating in LA’s Moral Courage Club’s Unity Project on campus.
  • Contact The Arts Department

Are the arts more your speed? Not a problem! We encourage our artistically inclined applicants to contact the department chair or the specializing faculty member in the field you’re most interested in. Maybe even send along a portfolio of your work! All the contact information can be found in the website’s directory.

  • Register For An SSAT Date

Like most other independent schools, Lawrence Academy requires applicants to submit Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) scores with applications. LA hosts testing dates during November, December, and January. You can schedule this by visiting and selecting Lawrence as your preferred location.

  • Get Going On Applications!

The January 15th deadline rolls around closer than what you’d think. Whether you’re using the Standard Application Online (SAO) or the Gateway Application, it’s never too early to start. And remember, we don’t prefer one application over the other; so, select the one you feel more comfortable with.

  • Request Teacher Recommendations!

A letter of recommendation from your Math and English teachers is another mandatory component of your Lawrence application bundle. Give your teachers plenty of time to write their glowing depiction of you as a student. In addition, talk to coaches, bosses, or instructors and ask them to submit a personal recommendation as well!