Today at LA: Jan. 3, 2018

Wow, it felt weird typing 2018!

In the all-school assembly this morning, Mr. Scheibe mentioned that is “pretty much the earliest” school could start after a holiday break, and the quiet nods of the gathered students and faculty gave testament to the patience everyone will need (with others AND themselves) as they navigate the campus today.

Speaking of navigating campus, Dan’s talk this AM spoke to different landscapes everyone will traverse over the coming days, weeks, and months; internal, external, physical landscapes, Mr. Scheibe reminded everyone that a mindful approach to each of those journies is integral as we “decide who we want to become.”

And, given the sleepy start to the short holiday week, it was with needed invigoration that the community headed off to confront the snow-covered landscape that frames “Today at LA…”

Best wishes to everyone as they resume the winter term. Good luck to varsity boys’ basketball as they travel to Kimball Union. And, finally, be sure to keep an eye on the website, voicemail, and email for weather-related updates.

For a full rundown of today’s schedule and events, please visit:

Lawrence Academy, Snow

Students walk to class after the opening all-school assembly of 2018 (Photo: J. Gotlib)