From the Airport: Winterim 2019 Travel

“Head mixMaster Grande” Sets Winterim In Motion

Editor’s Note: Mr. Scheibe is well-known on the LA campus for his signing “snow day” declarations. However, today “Head mixMaster Grande” delivered “a little Winterim jam – Five Ranks.”

Mr. Scheibe


Hello LA,

Here’s to a great, if slightly delayed start to Winterim. It’s an amazing time of year, and great thanks to all of those who have put such effort into organizing, inspiring, and trouble-shooting, particularly Tony Hawgood and Tanya Clark!

Speaking of slight delays, the 2-hour kind we experienced this season haven’t really delivered enough mojo for a proper snow-day song tribute, so it’s all been saved up from the Winter to be unleashed on Winterim.

Here’s 3 minutes worth:


  • We do not have any active engagement with either “tuba” or “Cuba” this year, but they make a sick rhyme
  • Unfortunately, the beats didn’t have sufficient endurance to make it to the all-important final line, which is, for the record: “use the correct level of SPF”
  • Recording is not meant to be mistaken for actual “music,” so all apologies to the estate of Ariana Grande

Enjoy the days,
Dan Scheibe

The lyrics are below:

Five Ranks

Yo, even the sketchiest weather conditions

Won’t interfere with our Winterim visions

No matter what Mother Nature will bring

These are a few of our Winterim things

Potter and Margraf will catch us some fishes

Quilting makes beautiful patterns with stitches

We go to Galapagos on airplane wings

These are a few of our Winterim Things

Play chess, learn scuba

Make your own tuba

Belize, DR

Or even Cuba

You like my chair,

Gee thanks just built it

I got some help

From Mister Matt Smith

First choice, I got it

Second choice, she got it

Third choice he got it

Fourth choice they got it

You like my boat,

Gee thanks, just built it

Fifth choice, OK

You got this, you got this

It’s a tradition in our Spartan Nation

Experiential LA education

We know before we start it will be all good

Cause it is led by Sir Anthony Hawgood

Seasonal affect can make you a sad guy

Yoga and martial arts make you a jedi

Faculty leaders create clever schemes

These are the pairs that I see in my dreams

There’s Fos

And Ryan

Raquel and


There’s Smith

and Dawson

That will

Be Awesome

There’s Liu

and Brescia



We’re get-

Tin human

With Bell

And Poulin

The Beard

and Igoe

But not





And K Po

You like

My vase

Gee thanks

Just fired it

In Clay and Kiln

McBride where’s Ms. Whit

Students acting like frequent fliers

Other schools are try-hard tryers

Passport my business card

Get back before it expires

I don’t mean to brag,

But Winterim’s got some swag

We lead the ISL

by doing Winterim well

What should I choose, Flip flops or boots

Wear proper footwear don’t try to be cute

Proper hydration and nutrients too

Guzzling Gatorade, water, or juice

Look at my neck, Look at my neck

Got a bad sun burn, but hey what the heck

That’s what you get, that’s what you get

Use the correct level of SPF

Best wishes for an amazing Winterim, everyone!

Lawrence Academy’s Josh Arruda ’19 Signs National Letter of Intent to Play Football for Merrimack College

Here’s the photo/social media breakdown of Lawrence Academy Spartans varsity football standout Josh Arruda signing his National Letter of Intent (NLI) to play football at Merrimack College.

Congratulations Josh! Best wishes at Merrimack…

#TodayAtLA: All Aces At Deerfield

The high flying LA Spartans varsity volleyball team, ranked #1 in New England with just two games to go, was well-represented by three players at yesterday’s NEPSAC All-Star festivities at Deerfield Academy in Western Massachusetts.

Most of LA’s teams are in action this week, with a full slate of contests on Wednesday and again on Saturday for Homecoming 2018.


Congratulations Class of 2018

The ceremony featured Commencement Speaker Pamela Nwaoko ’06

by Allie Goodrich ’13

Groton, Mass. — Gray skies, high humidity, and the random raindrop did little to dampen spirits on The Quad, as members of the Class of 2018, friends, family, and faculty gathered to celebrate the 225th commencement exercises of Lawrence Academy.

Throughout the morning, bittersweet tears, ear-to-ear smiles, and stoic faces of accomplishment (and the occasional selfie) punctuated the day, even before LA Head of School Dan Scheibe and peer-selected senior speakers AJ Mastrangelo and Jorie Van Nest greeted the Class of 2018 and the large crowd of beaming onlookers.

“225 graduation exercises,” the Head of School reflected. “That is a lot of exercise; a two century-plus elm-tree-shaded workout.”

“For me, all respect to speakers and prizes, [calling the seniors up by name] is the most energizing and most important part,” Mr. Scheibe added. “It is our mission-powered opportunity to recognize you; to call to mind the essential character as your physical presence is called up.”

“With the diplomas, the responsibility becomes yours. So one last time, we are inspired to ask: who do you want to become?”

Pamela Nwaoko ’06, LA’s 2018 Commencement Speaker, spoke to the value and importance of self-love as she addressed the 90 members of the senior class.

“Entering this new stage of your lives, other people may try to diminish you, perhaps because they don’t yet understand you,” she said. “But I tell you, do not diminish yourself.”

A graduate of Georgetown University, the University of Oxford, and a recipient of the Dean’s Award for Community Leadership from Harvard Law School, Pamela now practices law in Washington, DC at the multinational law firm Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom, representing and advising national and international financial institutions.

Back once more on the LA campus, Ms. Nwaoko talked about “translating the love Lawrence Academy has demonstrated to me and turning that inward.

As you are,” was one lesson.Begin your lives as graduates of Lawrence Academy as you are. You are enough. Right now, at this very moment. And for every moment for the rest of your lives, you will be enough.

“Be brave,” she continued. “Because it is hard to be and love yourself in this world. Those things that make us who we are are the same things that may make others uncomfortable… Teach others your value by first setting the example; be brave about loving yourself. Love yourself outloud.

In conclusion, Ms. Nwaoko spoke of the future, adding, “Hopefully, [you will] have gone forward bravely, loving yourself—and in turn, expanding your ability to love others, as they are.”

Congratulations to Lawrence Academy’s Class of 2018! Watch this space and for continuing coverage of LA’s 225th graduation exercises.