Elm Tree Press: Get Involved

by Mickey Feeney ’19

Hi! My name is Mickey, and I’m a senior day student at Lawrence Academy from Concord, Mass.


If you asked anyone at LA about me, I’d bet that they’d tell you that I’m involved in just about everything! From debate to the band to student government, I do it all. Being involved is something that I love, and something that LA has encouraged me to pursue…

I remember attending the club fair my freshman fall and being amazed by the variety of opportunities there are to get involved at LA. 

We have a plethora of vibrant, student-run clubs, each one with its own passionate following, there are opportunities to run for our super fun and energetic Student Government, art and music groups are available to all.


And there is no shortage of community service events!

If there is an activity or interest of yours that you would like to start a club for, the faculty will do whatever they can to help you make that happen.

Even if you aren’t super interested in getting involved, you may surprise yourself and end up joining a club or two. Regardless of whether you are a first-year student or a fourth-year senior, at LA you will be encouraged to get involved and pursue your interests outside of academics.


At LA, life and learning exist within the classroom as well as outside of it. It’s really amazing to live in a community like this one.

So, be sure to come to campus and check it out! 

Mickey’s cabinet made a humourous Mountain Day video.  Check it out: