Spoon Hunt Creates A Fun Fall Atmosphere on Campus

By Jack Horsman '18 This week the typically quaint and picturesque campus on an elm tree-shaded hillside has turned into a scene full of "chaos" and "paranoia" (hyperbole intended) all because of a game. That game, of course, being spoon hunt… A long-standing LA tradition, spoon hunt turns friends into enemies and classmates into competitors. … Continue reading Spoon Hunt Creates A Fun Fall Atmosphere on Campus

Club Fair Rocks MacNeil

By Jack Horsman '18 To say that this year's club fair -- which was held in MacNeil Lounge on Monday, September 16 -- was a success, is a massive understatement. Students packed the lounge during the club block on Monday to learn and talk about the wide variety of co-curricular offerings this school year. “I … Continue reading Club Fair Rocks MacNeil

Hug A Student Leader!

By John Bishop You can see the uptick in urgency; you can feel it, too. Here in September (!) -- with the first of autumn's leaves turning color -- there's just something spectacular about seeing students stepping up. Friendly faces all, here to give a hand to their fellow Spartans (as well as the faculty … Continue reading Hug A Student Leader!

It’s All New… It’s All Good

By John Bishop Head of School Dan Scheibe told a packed Richardson-Mees Performing Arts Center (that's RMPAC for you newbies), "It's all new... It's all good." An important message for everyone attending Athletic Preseason Registration to be sure; after all, each person in the building -- parent/guardian or student-athlete -- is preparing for another school year. Some … Continue reading It’s All New… It’s All Good