A Primer: John Hunter’s “World Peace Game”

Teaching For A Safer World

As we head into tonight’s showing of the documentary “World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements” featuring John Hunter, we wanted to provide a little more background information and reading about the “World Peace Game.”

First, a primer:

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Now, some background reading about the game (and John Hunter), co-authored by our own Assistant Head for Academic Life, Jamie Baker. It originally appeared in Independent School magazine:

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Lessons from the World Peace Game

In an era of unprecedented volatility, ambiguity, impassioned conflict, and intractable problems that affect the basic living conditions and prosperity of many, education has never been more important or more in need of purpose, meaning, and applicability. The solutions to the dilemmas that define our world will be created and implemented in the future by students in schools around the world today. Their education ls their preparation for that responsibility.

By Jamie Feild Baker & John Hunter

Here is the full PDF of the piece: WPG Independent School article

Join us for tonight’s screening of the documentary and Q & A.

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