Educator John Hunter Asks Students to Help Their Teachers

The Inventor of the “World Peace Game” reminded LA students to bring their mentors up to speed…

As 2019 Mees Visiting Scholar John Hunter began his first full day with Lawrence Academy students with a request.

Hunter, a renown educator, featured in the documentary “World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements” asked a packed Richardson-Mees Performing Arts Center (RMPAC) to assist their teachers.

“I can’t see as far as you can,” explained Hunter, now in his 60s. “So, what I am going to ask you is to reveal the future…and help me to be a better teacher.”


“I just can’t keep up,” added, Hunter, point blank and speaking on behalf of his fellow educators. “I can’t know everything.

“There’s [many] of you in a classroom and one of me; with my old Atari or Commodore [64] brain.

“I invite you to help me design our curriculum,” he added.

No, Hunter has not joined the Lawrence Academy faculty.

However, in essence, Hunter was asking the students to do precisely what Head of School Dan Scheibe wants LA’s scholars to do as Lawrence Academy (under the direction of Hunter’s friend and colleague — LA’s new Assistant Head for Academic Life — Jamie Baker).

“We are trying to use [John Hunter’s] visit to inspire us as teachers to think about the ways that we can create ‘space’ for students,” said Mr. Scheibe, speaking both literally and philosophically. “to learn to fully respect what you have to offer.

“We want to create the type of relationships — not only between students — but between faculty and students… that will make your learning come alive.

“So you can see why we, as teachers, want to be able to work with John Hunter,” he said.

In turn, Hunter is glad for the opportunity to work with LA’s students.


“To prepare you, we know that we can’t just teach you information anymore,” he said. “Teaching you information is almost useless.”

Then, holding his smartphone aloft, Hunter added, “You can find the sum total of human knowledge… in your pocket on one of these. So what do you need me for?

“It can’t just be knowledge; [however] teachers do have a purpose and function. But it’s in collaboration with you. If you are waiting to receive an education, you’re not going to get much of an education.

“So, I invite you to be involved with your own learning and get involved in your own learning,” he concluded.

John Hunter will be collaborating with the community through Tuesday morning…