Tyler Beede ’11 Returns To Boston

By John Bishop

As far as big sports stories, “local boy makes good” is one of the best to cover. And, true to form, the local sporting press is covering the heck out of Tyler Beede ’11 and his return to New England.

Tyler — unfortunately — will not start at Fenway Park for the San Francisco Giants during the current series.

However, he made for a great article by those writers ready to have something positive to write, baseball-wise, in a September that sees both the Giants and the Boston Red Sox on the outside looking in to MLB’s October postseason.

Tyler pitching for LA during the 2010 season.

“It’s OK,” Beede said to the Worcester Telegram about missing a chance to sling the pill in Boston’s beloved ballpark. “I think it’s maybe an opportunity for me to relax and take it in more than I would have. I can sort of be a spectator and enjoy the days we have here in Boston as opposed to worrying about pitching and going out there and facing the Sox.”

“This is like a full circle moment for me,” added Beede, who also told the Telegram that he expected around 200 family and friends to attend the Boston/San Francisco series.

As far as not getting a chance to take the mound at Fenway, Beede remained philosophical and hopeful for a chance in the future.

[Tyler was] widely recognized on campus for his gregarious nature and ability to maintain his modesty and be an integral part of the school community.”
Chris Margraf, LA’s head baseball coach & math teacher

“We play there every three or four years,” said Beede, who led LA to an undefeated baseball season his senior year. “I’m sure there’ll be more opportunities.”

He said the familiar faces in the stands had hoped for better. Beede, who won the College World Series with Vanderbilt, hasn’t allowed a run in 11 1/3 innings.

“I would’ve loved to pitch there,” said Beede to KNBR. “I think it provides a little bit of a relief — not as overwhelming, [don’t have] to worry about pitching there. So I’m fine either way.

The undefeated 2011 baseball Spartans.

“I assumed I was going every seven days with the off day and with [fellow Giants starter Bumgarner] going every five days. I told family that I expected to pitch Friday even though they thought Thursday was a chance.”

But who knows, maybe Tyler will get in as a pinch hitter?

“He also hit bombs,” said his former assistant coach on the Spartans, Jared Gagnon ’03 when asked about Beede’s career in Groton. “Nobody talks about that.”

As the legendary catcher, Yogi Berra said, after being asked to describe baseball in one word, “You just never know.”

After being selected in the MLB baseball draft, Tyler returned to campus in 2015.