Club Fair Rocks MacNeil

By Jack Horsman ’18

To say that this year’s club fair — which was held in MacNeil Lounge on Monday, September 16 — was a success, is a massive understatement.

Students packed the lounge during the club block on Monday to learn and talk about the wide variety of co-curricular offerings this school year.

“I think the club fair went well because any time in our community where we can make space for students… [and see] ideas and plans to come to fruition, that’s a good thing,” Dean of Equity, Inclusion, and Professional Growth Raquel Majeski said.

In previous years the fair was out on the Quad. But this year, in the venerable old lounge, the cacophony created by excited students — and the drum circle club — was amazing.

“I think that the energy was higher because there was a smaller area and everyone was around there,” said Mimi Zahavi, a senior day student from Westford. “Also, because it was in MacNeil it made it easier for people to walk in and out

“I feel like a lot of people showed up and were present,” added Claire Lanzendorf, a senior day student from Sudbury, MA – speaking to the fair’s not having to share the day.

That was the other different about this year’s club fair; it was held during the day in the new “club block” as opposed to after the very memorable, but always tiring Mountain Day.

“We’ve carved out in our schedule this time for clubs and having it during that time was great,” explained Ms. Majeski.  “It was an intentional design oto have that space and that’s awesome.

“I think a good amount of students showed up.”

By our count, nearly half the student body and many, many faculty members, attended the fair. And students enjoyed learning about the many offerings.

“In the past there have been a multitude of clubs that they were serious clubs; [but now] I like that we’ve started with some silly clubs,” added Mimi. “We have Croc club, that’s pretty epic. They just literally trade “jibbets,”

“I think having serious clubs like Umoja and then having Croc club, it’s a good balance,” she concluded.